Navigating The Modern Learning Ecosystem (INFOGRAPHIC)

As it relates to the digital learning landscape, I have had the unique experience of both (a) driving and managing digital capabilities within a large, internal learning organization, as well as (b) partnering closely with cross-industry L&D clients for building and implementing their learning technology requirements, plans and solutions. From this tenure comes three simple truths, perhaps obvious to some, but worth stating as a reality check for all:

  1. Getting everyone on the same page with technology rationalization and prioritization is generally a slow, laborious process
  2. Staying practically educated on the changes, trends, and convergence in the learning tech marketplace requires regular (perhaps daily) information curation and synthesizing
  3. Our reliance and expectations for emerging digital experience innovations to solve possibly every “training” problem is at an all time high

I’ve seen firsthand how these obstacles, if not properly acknowledged, can stalemate a learning strategy mandate. Regardless of where your organization falls in the maturity model of enterprise tech, L&D needs its own blueprint. A roadmap that informs and educates. A proactive plan that reaches beyond your next budget cycle. The following infographic is intended to do just that – help you start to formalize an understanding of your current digital infrastructure, but also establish a consistent framework to stay ahead of the curve as you evolve your modern learning ecosystem.

Click Here for the Infographic (PDF – July 2021 Release)