What we do. Why we do it.

Learning Experience Group LLC was founded on a simple, fundamental principle — that learning design should continuously consider a user-centered focus. Transforming behaviors and improving performance requires an objective, practical understanding of your people and the always-changing business ecosystem they operate in every day.

What problem are you trying to solve?

This basic question is easy enough to ask, but often leads to a variety of multifaceted, uncertain answers. Reaching an outcomes-based solution that aligns to the business, understanding the root cause, and validating it with your users, can bring clarity and transparency to how training really fits into the bigger picture.  

We’ve been there. We’ve probably done that.

We bring countless years of “in the trenches” learning and development experience born from nimble start-up agencies through large, complex global organizations. We’ve reached many milestones of change, resilience, and success. Our goal is to share our stories, and help author more compelling chapters with our clients along the way.